The BRAND NEW 'Fushaa Friends' Community!

Registration to be a founding member NOW OPEN!

The community you need to

talk about grammar for hours on end FINALLY Speak, Read, Write

and Understand Arabic!

No more "I can read but I can't speak".

No more dry grammar with no context!

No more static courses with no practice!

No more focussing on grammar jargon.

No more learning alone!

What's it like to be a Fushaa Friend?

Above all else, this is an intimate community of men who have a shared goal of mastery and eloquence in spoken and written Arabic, lead by a community manager who's goal is to get you there.

A community ❤️ Big enough to last 🚀 Small enough to care 🤗


3 Arabic Speaking

Drop-in sessions

3 times a week, I am ready with speaking topics and vocab slides to practise your Arabic speaking wit you!


weekly hang out

All students need tailored answers to their questions from time to time! Every week we're hosting a LIVE Q&A so you always have a place to go.


Weekly skills assignments!

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing home work every week with feedback and advice from the community!


Access ALL

previous courses

The Arabic in 60 Steps program, The 'My Arabic World' bundle and much more! All courses and resources

The Community Manager

"After teaching Arabic for over a decade,

thousands of students have spoken and I have listened.

Most Arabic learning online is done via static courses, packed with grammar
(including my own), and don't focus anywhere near enough on SKILLS: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing!

It's time to treat Arabic like the living language it is

and THIS is the community for it!"

Platforms and partner's I've worked with

We are NOW open for ONLY 50 Founding Members!

But the long term goal is to have 150.



According to 'Dunbar's theory' we humans are capable of maintaining around 150 meaningful contacts.

This isn't a static online course where you never engage with your teacher or alike minded students.
This is a community of people who care about your success,
run by a team who care more about good than big.

$97pm Only $77pm
for just 50 Founding Members!
(Lower price LOCKED IN for life!)

After that, we'll spend a months refining the community and making it INCREDIBLE!
Then we'll open up for another 100 students at the proper price.

👇🏻 Here's what you'll get in just a few clicks!

✅ Access to 3 X LIVE drop in Arabic speaking sessions every week!

✅ LIVE Q&A hang out every week for the tailored answers you need!

✅ Daily office hours where a teacher is available for chat support.

✅ Weekly Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing assignments!

✅ Access to ALL Previously recorded courses in a new and improved classroom:

✅ The Arabic in 60 Steps Program! (valued $250)

✅ Arabic Calligraphy workshop. (valued $75)

✅ 'My Arabic World' Bundle (valued $25pm)

✅ Bonus resources (Includes courses on the Arabic script and much more!)

✅ New courses, made bespoke for this community.

✅ Cancel any time!

🤯 Did you say
The Arabic in 60 Steps Program

is included?!

I did indeed! The entire Arabic in 60 Steps program is available at no extra cost for ALL Fushaa Friends!

It was a difficult decision as I offered it alone for years. But I believe it will be of huge value to all of the brothers in the community, so please make the most of it!

A note on inspiration:

Good is more important than Big.

I only want 150 students in this community. But why?

Greubel Forsey is a Swiss watch company you've probably never heard of because they care more about craftsmanship than being a 'big' company.

They only make around 150 watches per year, but due to their complexity and stunning design, their customers are in love with their products and cherish them for life.

Customers recognise each other across crowded rooms and people from countries all over the world are part of the Greubel Forsey community.

In a world where the default goal of any project seems to be

fame and making billions of dollars,

I take huge inspiration from this outlook on business:

Good < Big.

Quality < fame.

Community < Mass market.

Customer joy < stranger approval.